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Who We Are


Welcome to BM Sun – Power Technologies, We are established in year of 2012, BM Sun – Power Technologies is a leading enterprise engaged in Manufacturing, Exporting, Supplying, Trading high quality range of solar LED lights, Solar water pumping system, Wind solar panel, Solar power system, LED commercial light, LED Decorative light and LED outdoor light. All our products are designed with a motive to enhance the quality of living. These are available in wide varieties of designs to meet the requirements of our clients.

Our products are best in quality, superior in designs elegant in patterns are long sustainable. These are supplied to several Indian and International markets at the leading price range.
We are based in MAHARASHTRA, and work in a modern infrastructure which is well equipped with all essential facilities.Our team members include highly experience professionals who are well trained to meet the rising demands of the market. We follow advanced developments and meet the international quality standard in all our production. These are reliable, advanced, superior in designs and are safely supplied on large market scale. We ensure highly sustainable products in the most elegant varieties. Our best efforts and dedication and helped us to stand as a consistent firm of the market.

Solar LED Street Light Manufacturer in Mumbai, Nashik & India

BM Sunpower is one of the topmost brands for Solar LED Street Light Manufacturer in Mumbai, Nashik & India. It is one of the fastest growing solar companies in Mumbai, Nashik & India and it is serving the country with its quality solar products and services. You will get the best solar LED lights in our BM Sunpower company. We make every type of solar street lights that can be used by anyone and anywhere.
BM Sunpower was established in the year 2012 and is a leading company involved in Manufacturing, Exporting, Supplying and Servicing best quality range of solar LED street lights, all in one solar LED lights, Solar water pumping system, Wind solar panel, Solar power system, LED commercial and Decorative light including outdoor light. All these products are available in varied form of designs to fulfill the needs of our clients.
Our Company is also well known for manufacturing high quality of Solar LED street light in Mumbai, Nashik & India. Our company follows advanced development techniques and has already achieved international quality standard in production of solar LED street lights. These lights are available in different specifications, sizes, wattages and features at cheaper rates.
BM Sunpower also provides good service for Solar LED street lighting in Mumbai, Nashik & India. Our technicians are well proficient to understand all the Solar LED lighting issues and fix them in less time and less money.
With Solar LED street lights, we provide a better way of saving the electricity. Solar LED street lights works by consuming solar energy during daytime and providing light during night. These lights are manufactured for streets, roads and in remote areas. The main purpose of these lights is to save the electricity costs at a huge level.

Solar LED Street Light is Made up of Which Components?

Solar LED Street light consists of four major parts viz. Solar Panel, Lighting fixture, rechargeable battery and Pole.

  1. Solar Panel – Solar panel is used to convert the solar energy into electricity.
  2. Lighting Fixture – Lighting bulb for which special LED is used as lighting source of modern solar street light. This is because the LED provides much developed lumens with lower energy consumption.
  3. Rechargeable Battery – Battery is used to store the electricity generated by solar panel during the day and provide energy to the LED light during night.
  4. Pole – Robust Poles are required for all street lights, especially for solar street lights as they consist of components installed on the top of the pole.
What is Our Area of Expertise?
  • We provide Automatic switch ON & OFF system.
  • Our technicians can do the Installation very easily.
  • We provide weather proof luminaries.
  • We also provide onsite service and repair facility.
  • Low maintenance is required for our Solar LED street lights.
What Are The Features of Solar LED Street Light?
  • Solar LED street lights are easily portable.
  • They are easy and convenient to use.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Also ideal for indoor usage.
  • It is a stand-alone system.
  • Safe, efficient and reliable to use.
  • Easy and quick Installation.
  • Cable free operation.
  • Maximum light coverage.
  • Temperature Compensated Battery charging.
Why Should You Go For Our Solar LED Light?
  • We use solar panels that can be switched on and off automatically by detecting the outdoor light using a light source
  • Our Solar LED street lights are specially designed and can function well throughout the night.
  • Our solar LED lights can work for more than one night even if it does not receive sunlight for a couple of days.
  • Latest smart designs are also available which use wireless technology and fuzzy control theory for battery management.
  • Quality assurance and verifications are done at each step in the Solar LED light manufacturing process
  • We have a unique Technology Research department and Product Development method to manufacture the best product.
  • Our products experience lots of verification and validation process by Engineering, Quality departments and certified external laboratories.
Our Solar products undergo number of tests during manufacturing process to assure its quality and life. It is based on well-established standards and include the following tests-
  • Functional Test –Solar lights are tested over temperature and voltage variations.
  • Electrical Test – This test consists of different voltage and current fault conditions.
  • Testing Temperature– Temperature of solar lights is tested by cycling between long term exposure to high and low temperature environment.
  • Mechanical Test – Mechanical test includes testing the presence of vibration, shock, drop and transportation.
  • Operating life– Testing of long-term operation in high and low temperature.
  • Enclosure Test – Testing of integrity, corrosion resistance and environmental protection of solar LED lights
Advantages of Using Solar LED Street Lights
  • The operation cost of Solar LED street light is less.
  • Less maintenance is required compared to conventional street lights.
  • There is no risk of accidents as external wires are not used.
  • No pollution and harm to environment.
  • It allows the saving of energy and cost.
Where Can You Use Solar LED Street Light?

Solar LED street light is best to use in public places. It is mainly used for outdoor purpose. Below are some places mentioned where you can make use of Solar LED street light.

  1. Parking lots.
  2. Public Walkways.
  3. Pathway Lighting.
  4. Roadway Lighting.
  5. Highways.
  6. Public squares & Parks.
  7. Industries & Institutional Campuses.
  8. Botanical gardens.
  9. Farm Houses & Resorts.

About Our Team

Our Team is a combination of experienced and young technical crew members. The senior management are the members having a treasure of experience in the field of Lighting. We also have experts in different fields like Research & Development, Manufacturing, Production, Sales and Marketing, Project Management, Maintenance, Customer Support, Service & Finance. For the smooth functioning of our company we have got highly motivated and dedicated, energetic and enthusiastic team of engineers and technicians. Our entire team is completely loyal to the company values and determined towards presenting the best solar products in the market. You can feel free to contact us regarding any query related to Solar LED Street Light Manufacturing in Mumbai, Nashik & India.